Executive Team

Executive Team


Internet Ethics Corp was founded by a group of online reputation professionals committed to helping individuals and organizations take control of their online image. The internet’s accessibility and ease have made it the first place many people go when they are looking for information. Every day, the impact websites and other forms of online content have on the real world becomes stronger. Unfortunately, the information on websites can often be false, misleading, or damaging, and escaping a negative internet reputation without the proper expertise is practically impossible.

At Internet Ethics Corp, we leverage our technological skills and to help those with compromised reputations or who simply want to protect themselves against surprises in the future.

Using a variety of techniques, we work to address the specific problems our clients face and provide solutions with an eye toward both online and real-world results. By combining a robust understanding of current search engine algorithms with the agility to keep pace with their constant updates, Internet Ethics is able to help its clients recapture and maintain a positive online reputation by suppressing negative sites and promoting positive ones. We also have the legal expertise needed to pressure third party websites to take down negative or unfair content. Not only can Internet Ethics Corp suppress negative information, but we can also build up an enduring internet presence now, thus safeguarding our partners from any future attacks on their internet reputation.

Our tech experts use comprehensive metrics and the latest techniques to help protect our clients’ privacy and to give them back control of their internet reputation.


After over a decade of acting as a private SEO consultant, Bryce Berkowski joins Internet Ethics Corp as its chief internet search officer. Mr. Berkowski specializes in helping clients achieve their online image goals using techniques that are both rapid and enduring. Mr. Berkowski has maintained his position on the forefront of the SEO industry by keeping pace with the ever-changing algorithms used by search engines to rank pages.

Before joining Internet Ethics Corp, Mr. Berkowski planned and implemented search engine management strategies for nationally-known companies in the financial services sector. He specializes in using both paid and natural search results to increase visibility and to manage brand image. By analyzing performance metrics and keeping his knowledge of the algorithms of search engines such as Google up-to-date, Mr. Berkowski effectively guides reputation campaigns from planning through implementation.


Craig Simpson is a forward-thinking business development and marketing professional who specializes in crafting campaigns that wed creative strategies with a strong analytical base. He comes to Internet Ethics Corp after successfully directing the marketing and sales teams of several national companies, most recently in the financial services sector. He has experience both in new media and traditional marketing and sales campaigns.

Mr. Simpson’s commitment to leveraging cutting edge technology, effecting stellar customer service, and using business optimization techniques has allowed him to guide business growth and improve customer experience across a wide breadth of sectors. Mr. Simpson is dedicated to producing value by forging partnerships with clients and working with them until their needs are met. He brings to Internet Ethics Corp his knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine management (SEM), both of which have factored into his past positions.


Randall Sullivan is a renowned search engine optimization authority with a proven track record of creating powerful online search strategies. Before coming to Internet Ethics Corp., he founded and built a successful national full-service search consulting firm with offices in New York, New York. In his current role as Director of Advanced Internet Strategies, he uses his years of experience in search strategy and Google algorithm expertise to manage and maintain our clients’ online reputations.

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