What We Do

What We Do

Our cutting edge online reputation management product, CounterMeasures, will rapidly provide you with a pristine internet reputation

Your name is your identity. Establishing and maintaining an impeccable online reputation that stands behind who you are and what you offer is a crucial and vitally important undertaking. Online reputation management is paramount in the world we live in.

Consider this: What if you were to search your name or company on one of the search engines only to discover a highly critical webpage ranking highly on the results page? You would need to take action, but what? You can’t simply delete the offending page!

Our Internet Reputation Services Include: What Makes Us Different:
  • Manage your Online Image
  • Increasing Positive Visibility
  • Giving You Control Over What Others See
  • Proven Results
  • Decades of Experience
  • Rapid and Long-Lasting Results

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That’s where the specialists at Internet Ethics Corp. can help with CounterMeasures, our proprietary product. Online reputation management is the process of neutralizing negative content that appears in the search engines about you or your company. Our goal is to keep your identity clean!

An online reputation management strategy might be to occupy additional positions in the top ten search results to push the negative content off the first page. Our goal at Internet Ethics Corp. is not just to push the offending web content off page one, but to push it as far back as possible.

Our objective would be to give our client “ownership,” so to speak, of the first five pages of each major search engine, effectively creating a barrier against defamatory content. How do we do this? We do it with CounterMeasures, our proprietary product which has passed the test of time. We also do it by means of advanced social media techniques, blogs, your sites, major media, our sites, subdomains and numerous other state-of-the-art techniques. Internet Ethics Corp. then supports and enhances the process with repeated launches of CounterMeaures.

We don’t like drive-by attacks!!

The demand for online reputation management continues to grow as more and more companies and individuals find themselves victimized by false and damaging content. Unfortunately, the web allows for reckless postings by “drive-by” surfers with no better motivation than to foster negativity without regard for consequences. Search engine algorithms favor diverse content, making a business or person with a great online reputation especially vulnerable to negative postings, damaging content, and other forms of internet defamation.

At Internet Ethics Corp., our online reputation management services cover all the bases. In addition to CounterMeasures, we optimize pages and internal links on numerous other domains and subdomains to demote the defamatory postings. A combination of social media profiles, press releases, public relations and links from other network sites, both yours and ours, work together to solve the problem.

Don’t take chances with your image when Internet Ethics Corp. can manage your reputation for you. We’re passionate about ethics and we care about your reputation as much as we care about our own. Our goal is to provide outstanding service at a fair and affordable price.

Contact us now at 877-519-1960 for a customized online reputation management program that will keep your image as positive as it can possibly be! We provide SEO, online public relations, and other reputation management services. Ask about CounterMeasures and our No Results, No Fee pricing options!

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