Negative Review Removal

Negative Review Removal

Negative review sites are known to attract those with a chip on their shoulder. While many people use these websites to provide a fair assessment of a company’s products or services, others use them as a forum to vent their frustration or to “punish” an organization or individual that has displeased them.

Luckily for the victims of this type of spiteful, exaggerated review, there are steps that you can take to minimize the reviews’ impact or even remove them altogether.

Negative Review Removal: Our Difference:
  • Pissed Consume, Rip-Off Report, and Others
  • Remove Them or Make the Invisible
  • Move on with Your Life
  • Proven Strategies
  • Legal Experience
  • Fast, Long-Lasting Results

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At Internet Ethics Corp, in addition to suppressing these types of reviews by drowning them out with accurate, positive content, we set our legal team to the task of having them taken down. Some complaints websites have iron-clad policies to never remove a post—no matter how strongly the post’s content can be refuted. But many other websites will bow to well-executed requests to remove false or misleading content.

If it can be removed, we’ll remove it. If it can’t be, we’ll use cutting edge SEO techniques to push negative reviews so far down that nobody can find them. Call Internet Ethics Corp today at 877-519-1960 to learn more about how we can help you repair your damaged reputation.

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