Complaints Board

Complaints Board

Complaints Board Postings Can Be Suppressed, Often In Days, otherwise known as “Complaints Board”, started out as a site where consumers, employees or other aggrieved parties could post their grievances about bona fide injustices.

While it serves an important public policy in allowing consumers and other parties to openly air complaints, because of its policies , an aggressor can post false information about a completely innocent party. Internet Ethics Corp. can help victims rapidly suppress the damage done from these postings made by those with extremely poor judgment.

Sadly, people use Complaints Board to take revenge against former business partners, spouses, employers who indeed fired them with good reason and other individuals and businesses who are in reality upstanding and provide reliable merchandise or valuable service. Disreputable competitors are another source of incorrect and defamatory information on the Complaints Board site. As the site has grown extremely large in a short period of time, it is readily apparent that revenge may be a motivation for some postings.

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A quick review of the inflammatory posts on Complaint Board, might lead a reasonable man to conclude the board no longer has any authority among its readers. This, unfortunately, is not the case. Google search rankings continue to index Complaints Board entries as if they contain viable and vital consumer and business information. When a potential customer or partner sees such information, he may not know to reject it out of hand, even though a quick perusal of the nature and type of complaint might raise eyebrows as to the authenticity of the complaints and reviews posted on Complaints Board.

If damage has been done to a business by unfair and unwarranted Complaints Board postings, the services of a reputation management firm become necessary. There is little anyone can do to remove a posting from this site, but the team of professional reputation management experts at Internet Ethics Corp. can assist victims of unfair complaints on Complaint Board and similar sites by neutralizing their impact on search results. Internet Ethics offers a product which, in most cases, can suppress the negative result off the first page of Google within a short time. This product is called CounterMeasures which is a highly optimized property designed to rise above the negative information rapidly, if not within days.

Complaints Board is a perfect example of how the openness and democracy of the Internet can backfire due to the unbridled availability for third party users to exact revenge. The need for a complaint site is a real one, but brings with it the “drive by” anonymous abusers who take advantage of the internet “system”. When a business sees its well-deserved reputation damaged by anonymous, misleading or false information, reputation management is the only recourse. A properly executed reputation strategy that is planned and put into place by professionals such as the experts at Internet Ethics Corp. is the only practical antidote to the poison that is spread by unscrupulous parties.

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