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Pissed Consumer

Pissed Consumer Postings Can Be Managed Rapidly


When it comes to consumer reviews online, Pissed Consumer (pissedconsumer.com) is a wealth of information. Users can go to the site and post reviews of products and services, allowing others to be advised of poor experiences with various companies. While this is a wonderful service and is certainly useful to warn others to steer clear of certain companies, it can also be a problem when it comes to your business’ reputation.

The problem with Pissed Consumer is that they allow virtually anonymous users to submit complaints to their site, and then they post these complaints for all to see without any type of verification. This could spell big trouble for your online reputation if you happen to have a disgruntled employee on your hands, or if a customer has a poor experience with your company. Furthermore, Google often ranks Pissed Consumer posts highly, meaning if someone writes a negative review of your company, it may be found higher up in search engine results than your actual website.

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Pissed Consumer began in 2007 with a mission to give consumers a voice. Certainly an admirable undertaking, the site exists to give consumers a platform to speak out when they feel they have been wronged by a company. This service typically follows through with its mission, however, the system can also be abused. When it comes to running a business, you already know that you cannot please everyone, all the time, and as a result, unfortunately, some customers will have negative experiences with your company. While you care about every single one of your customers, you simply cannot please everyone.

Because of this, a customer who has a negative experience with your company may go on Pissed Consumer, or a similar consumer review site, and post a negative review. While you may think that one negative review won’t hurt, if it gets ranked high enough in search engine results, more people will see the negative review than your company’s website. While Pissed Consumer is not to blame for this, the nature of the internet is.

The good news is that if you have found yourself in a situation in which your company’s online reputation is being unfairly attacked on a review site such as Pissed Consumer, Internet Ethics Corp can help. We understand the logistics of rescuing your reputation, even if your good name is being besmirched on a consumer review site. Internet Ethics Corp knows that one negative experience can go a long way in dissuading potential customers, and we want to help you get your reputation back on track. At Internet Ethics Corp, we can help to counteract reputation ruiners, such as negative reviews, by assisting in spreading more truthful, positive information about your company. Internet Ethics Corp believes that all sides should be heard online, and we will fight to make sure that that happens with our flagship product, CounterMeasures. If you have found that your reputation is being maligned on a consumer review site, please contact Internet Ethics Corp today to find out what we can do for you

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