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Why Pricing Is So Important With Online Reputation Management

If you have been shopping around for an online reputation management consultant, you’ve certainly seen some very low quotes or even flat-rate pricing. However, in the field of online reputation management, if the price seems too low, it is probably too good to be true. A red flag should go up if an organization offers low prices without even the most basic knowledge of the ease or difficulty of a case.

Low pricing may look attractive, but consider this: there are no guarantees that a particular online reputation management firm can suppress negative information. Search engines are so complex that, without a strategic multi-pronged attack plan, reputation campaigns can be merely semi-effective or even totally ineffective. Clients often come to us with stories about the numerous bargain-rate firms they have gone to, and the unsuccessful campaigns they were given. On the other hand, nobody wants to pay the exorbitant prices some consultancies charge for their services. We provide the following solution.

Internet Ethics Corp. Customized Pricing

At Internet Ethics Corp., we want you to be clear and confident about what you get and what you pay for. Internet reputation is multifaceted, and every individual or company’s situation has different nuances and presents different challenges. We do not offer a preconceived list of fixed fees for our services, as we believe doing so is invariably misleading. Instead, we take a customized approach.

As a leader in the industry, we tailor our services to perfectly fit you, our devoted clients, and base our prices on the particular services you need. We are thus able to give you the best pricing scenario for your unique situation.

No Result No Fee Pricing Model

By taking the time to talk with you about your specific needs and the degree of difficulty or ease of your project, we determine the best pricing options. In some cases, we even accept payment on projects on a contingent basis. This means we will not get paid until we succeed in meeting certain milestones, such as suppressing a negative result off the first page of Google.

To receive a personalized pricing quotation based upon your unique set of circumstances, please contact us today. We can now evaluate your online reputation management issues, which will in turn allow us to provide you with a customized pricing proposal. We can provide the perfect mix of public relations, search engine optimization, general online reputation management to fit your needs. And don’t forget to ask about our contingent pricing model!

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