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Public Relations

Our Online Public Relations Techniques Neutralize “Badvocates” Rapidly and Professionally

Twenty-first century communication is becoming something much more than just a way to share information. A new wave is changing the way information is used. Astute online public relations experts understand that communication is now used to promote and drive advocacy.

At Internet Ethics Corp., we know that advocates play a critical role in generating buzz, firing enthusiasm and building momentum. Without a doubt, the advocates of today are also online public relations specialists, shaping and forming the opinions of those in their personal networks. As a result, Internet Ethics Corp. uses advocacy to promote our clients’ products, services, organizations, issues and brands.

Online Public Relations: Our Advantage:
  • Turn Loyalty into Advocacy
  • Manage Your Online Image
  • Achieve Real-World Benefits
  • Expert Management
  • Technological Savvy
  • Proven SEO Techniques

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A radical shift has occurred in the way consumers make decisions and take actions as a result of online public relations based on advocacy. Almost two-thirds of consumers and three-quarters of advocates worldwide report that they now make faster decisions than they did just a few years ago.

Internet Ethics Corp. knows that more than 50% of consumers around the world have become aware of their own considerable power over whether a company succeeds or fails. They also realize that they are able to influence the products and services sold by companies.

Along with helping our clients to use online public relations tools like advocacy to best advantage, we also protect our clients from “Badvocates.” Badvocates represent about 20% of consumers worldwide. This group actively and routinely speaks out about consumer dissatisfaction issues. What’s more, they do it faster than they used to and, at times, with little provocation.

The team at Internet Ethics Corp. has developed an effective platform known as Advocacy CounterMeasures. Using this strategy (in conjunction with SEO techniques), we move consumers from passive loyalty to active advocacy by mobilizing them early in the decision-making process. By employing a variety of techniques and initiatives, we are continually developing new ways to build and sustain advocates as the foundation of our clients’ ongoing online public relations.

Today’s networked society has become more powerful than the media when it comes to shaping and forming public opinion. How people or businesses seem on the internet plays a huge role in public’s perception of them. People are highly influenced by bloggers, activists, connectors, influential people and almost anyone who is willing to get up on a virtual soapbox and voice an opinion. Advocacy has become the new face of online public relations.

At Internet Ethics Corp., our motto is “Pay It Forward Now.” Our professional communications programs foster advocacy to build emotional bonding and closer involvement with influential people, consumers, decision-makers, bloggers and organizations around the world.

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